KlimaNetze 2.0



Tim Franke


+49 241 80 96335




Research Field: Sustainability, social network research, transformative research

Number of partners: 4

Duration (current project):
2 years

Duration (predecessor project):
3 years

Funding Body: BMBF

Interdisciplinarity: Urban development, sustainability, planning theory, civic engagement, sociology


Aim of the Project

In the context of transformative research, "KlimaNetze 2.0" aims to institutionalize a self-sustaining platform for social innovation, civic engagement, and cross-cutting networking among urban stakeholders in Bielefeld.

Research Object and Vision

The project KlimaNetze 2.0 explores social innovation as well as socio-technical and socio-ecological transformation processes in the city of Bielefeld.

In the previous project "KlimaNetze" the interaction of urban actors in the field of climate protection has been investigated by means of social network analysis in order to to explore the emergence of social innovations. Two real-world laboratories were initiated to improve local cooperations. The research questions of the following project are the conditions in Bielefeld, which provide nurturing ground for innovative ideas in climate protection and how a cooperation of actors from science, politics, economy and (civil) society can first be organized and then institutionalized, financed and stabilized.

The vision KlimaNetze 2.0 is the institutionalization of a communication platform that connects heterogeneous urban actors in the field of climate protection.

Further information about the project can be found here: www.klimatriebwerk.de

Institutional Partners and Funding

KlimaNetze 2.0 is based on an interdisciplinary research team consisting of:

The project is supported by the BMBF within the framework of the funding program "Sustainable Transformation of Urban Spaces".