Gender bias in the career paths of women in engineering and information technology through informal promotion relationships and networks



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Field of research: Gender, Social Inequality, Higher Education and Science

Project duration: 3.5 years (11/2017 - 04/2021)

Funding body: BMBF


Aim of the Project

The basic aim of GenderNetz was to increase equal opportunities in research careers in the (information) technology sector. To this end, the microstructures and processes in informal networks were taken into account and the influence on individual career progress was assessed.

Research Object and vision

GenderNetz investigated how networks in the technical sciences are composed, how network potentials in these disciplines are translated into career opportunities, and what gender bias characterises these processes at the micro-process level.

On the basis of career biographical interviews with engineers and computer scientists with doctorates at universities and in industry, the project generated insights into the significance and functioning of informal support structures in relevant networks. In addition, the knowledge of managers and gender and diversity officers in four universities, four universities of applied sciences, one non-university research institution and two companies was consulted.

The vision of GenderNetz is to comprehensively integrate the potential of highly qualified junior scientists, regardless of their gender, into the innovation culture of universities and industry.

Further information can be found on the project webpage.

Project Partners and Funding

The project was supported by scientists and gender and diversity representatives from nine science organisations and two companies through their willingness to participate in narrative interviews.

GenderNetz was accompanied by a scientific advisory board.

GenderNetz was funded within the framework of the funding area "Strategies for the implementation of equal opportunities for women in education and research" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the funding code FKZ 01FP1712.