GeWi Survey


Study Situation and Student Behaviour in the B. A. Social Sciences

An empirical teaching research project at the Institute of Sociology

Within the scope of the teaching research project, students of the Bachelor's programme Social Sciences at the RWTH Aachen University are questioned about their student behaviour, student satisfaction and motivation, self-organization, social background, future planning, media use, relationships with friends and political attitudes. The development of a standardised survey inventory and the collection of data by means of online
Survey among all students of the Bachelor's programme in Social Sciences
in the winter semester 2015/16; data evaluation and reporting was carried out in the summer semester 2016. A total of 218 of the 491 students enrolled in the programme were interviewed. Within the framework of the teaching research project, the following questions could then be answered with the help of such individual data: What is the motivation for starting the transdisciplinary study of social sciences at RWTH Aachen University? Are the students of the Social Sciences programme from academic households? Which values and objectives are relevant for the students with regard to their private and professional future?
The individual data collected within the framework of the project offer the possibility to identify future potentials for change and development within the study programme on a broad empirical basis and to develop solutions for organisational, didactic and/or infrastructural approaches in the everyday life of the students.