Axel Zweck

Project Coordinator


+49 241 80 97773



Key Project Information

  1. Duration: as of 2015
  2. Project Management: Axel Zweck
  3. Other Project Participants: Coordination of the consortium: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, 45 small and medium-sized companies, and 20 other research institutes

Sub-Project: Innovation and Technical Analysis

Under the leadership of the Fraunhofer IOF, the Innovation Alliance 3Dsensation pursues the goal of making the interaction between man and machine more natural and intuitive, safer and more efficient. The prerequisite for this is the complete adaptation of man-machine interaction to human needs and experiences. The innovation alliance's special focus is on image acquisition and reproduction, for example with the aid of cameras and sensors, as well as real-time consideration of these.

The aim of the consortium is to bring together competence in the fields of optics/photonics, IT/software technology and electronics with competence in the fields of design, neurosciences, cognitive sciences and ergonomics in the future fields of information, production, mobility and security.

As an accompanying element of strategy development, the Aachen subproject Innovation and Technology Analysis shows which contributions are made in 3Dsensation to overcome coming individual, societal or global challenges. The expected, desired and forecasted applications are determined in dimensions of impact, such as economic, social, and environmental impact.

This accompanying evaluation of the technology will then form the basis for a sustainable, socially acceptable public relations work for the consortium.