The Change in Student Behavior in the Wake of the Bologna Reform. Empirical Insights Into the Subject- and Gender-Specific Student Habitus at RWTH Aachen University (VeStuBo)

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Paul B. Hill

Project Collaborator: Daniel Baron M. A., B. A.; Andrea Schmidt M. A.; Angelina Dongauser (UROP student)

Project Funding: Department funds

Funding Period: Autumn 2010 to Summer 2011

Short Summary

In the course of quantitative analyses, the question is examined to what extent the introduction of the new Bachelor's degree programs leads to a change in student behaviour. To this end, a series of studies based on the theoretical basis of Boudieu's habitus concept will be continued, which began in the winter semester 2006/07 at RWTH Aachen University. For the purpose of a cross-discipline comparison, both sociology and mechanical engineering students are questioned. The focus is on the following two key questions:
(1) To what extent do B. A. students differ from Master' s/Diploma students within the individual fields of study in terms of their habitual or subject-culturally shaped student behaviour or habitus?
(2) What are the differences or homologies between individual subgroups of the sample: mechanical engineering vs. humanities and social sciences students; women vs. men, students with above-average achievements vs. students with below-average achievements?
The study serves as a pilot study for a planned long-term project to determine differences and homologies of student world-view and competence patterns that are shaped by the subject culture. This study, which is based on a total of six years, is based on the survey of students of humanities and social sciences on the one hand and engineering students on the other. A corresponding application for third-party funding to an external funding institution (DFG, BMBF or similar) is in preparation.


Baron, Daniel/Hill, Paul B./ Schmidt, Andrea/Dongauser, Angelina (2012): Sind Soziologiestudierende die wahren Idealisten? Befunde eines quantitativen Vergleichs zwischen Studienanfängern im Maschinenbauwesen und in der Soziologie. In: Sozialwissenschaften und Berufspraxis 35 (1). S. 122-135.

Hill, Paul B., Baron, Daniel, Schmidt, Andrea, Dongauser, Angelina (2012): Studentische Fachkulturen im Bologna-Prozess. Eine empirische Analyse des Studierendenverhaltens in Zeiten der Hochschulreform. Institut für Soziologie, RWTH Aachen