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In compliance with the regulations of the Rectorate of the RWTH Aachen University as well as the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities and after consultation with the Senior Sociology Office, all lectures will be offered online in the winter semester 2021/22. All other events in the form of seminars will also be held online at the beginning of the semester. Further procedure will then be discussed with you individually in the respective seminars. 


Die Digital Future Challenge (DFC) ist ein gemeinsames Projekt der Deloitte-Stiftung und der Initiative D21, um die Verantwortung von Unternehmen im und durch den digitalen Wandel, sprich Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), zu beleuchten. Sie ruft bundesweit Studierende auf, anhand konkreter Beispiele aus der Unternehmenspraxis Prinzipien und Eckpunkte für ein verantwortliches Handeln von Unternehmen in der digitalen Welt zu erarbeiten. Untenstehend finden Sie den Download zum Projekt!


Digital Future Challenge

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Torsten H. Voigt has been awarded a DFG research grant entitled "Sociotechnical systems of anticipatory truth verification in the field of airport security". The project which is set top begin in April 2021 will be carried out by Larissa Fischer in cooperation with Bettina Paul from the University of Hamburg. The project will trace the development and implementation of partially and fully automated "truth verification procedures" at airports. These screening procedures aim to identify individuals with malicious intent (or mal-intent) based on the measurement of nonverbal, psychophysiological signals. The project aims to identify the conceptualizations and aspirations behind the detection procedures and to reconstruct their socio-technical development processes.


Am 14. April 2021 wird um 11 Uhr eine Einführungsveranstaltung für alle Master Erstsemester stattfinden. Die Zugangsdaten für die Online-Veranstaltung werden per Mail versandt. Bei Rückfragen schreiben Sie gerne eine Mail an


The book contribution by Pascal Berger "Leben und Form der Religion. Zur Religionssoziologie Georg Simmel" is currently published in the anthology "Religionssoziologie um 1900" (Krech, Tyrell (eds.)) and available from Nomos Verlag!


From the winter semester 2020/2021, Dr. Christian Schneijderber will represent the Professorship Methods in Empirical Social Sciences.


Together with Richard Münch, a DFG project was successfully recruited in 2019. Further information will follow.Together with Nina Baur and Clemens Kroneberg, a conference grant from the Thyssen Foundation was successfully secured in 2020.Workshop "Methodologies of Quantitative Social Science" postponed. A new date is currently being sought.Adopted ad hoc group "Data quality of 'Digital Trace' Data. Current findings and connections to social science traditions" together with Jan Riebling and in cooperation with Fabian Flöck & Katrin Weller (GESIS, Cologne) at the 40th Congress of the German Sociological Association, TU Berlin (at least still planned for September 2020)Adopted ad hoc group "Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church - Structural, Cultural and Praxeological Approaches" together with Andre Armbruster at the 40th Congress of the German Sociological Association, TU Berlin (at least still planned for September 2020)


A simulation study on the spread of infections, which suggests massive reductions in social contacts:
Fear as an instrument of domination
What social functions can fear have? Lecture "Fear as a modern lifestyle" at the 40th Congress of the German Sociological Association, TU Berlin (at least still planned for September 2020)