Christina Laut-Berger will talk about 'digital communicationstructures - memes, trolls and games.'

Nikita Basov (Univ. of Manchester) and Robert Hellpap are presenting their shared work on 'Mechanisms of Cultural Diffusion: The Case of Flood Risk Management Knowledge'.

Location: Zeitschriftenbibliothek

When: Wednesday, 21.06.2023 at 3pm


Radioeins interviewed Torsten Voigt about new findings and concerns in environmental testing and DNA.


Torsten Voigt speaks to radioeins about DNA in environmental-testing, the title is "Menschlicher DNA-Beifang in Umweltproben und warum das ein Problem sein kann". The interview is available at the Radioeins-website.


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Marlon Steffens, staff member at the Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization has successfully completed his apprenticeship. We congratulate him warmly and look forward to further cooperation!


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Torsten H. Voigt has been awarded a DFG research grant entitled "Sociotechnical systems of anticipatory truth verification in the field of airport security". The project which is set top begin in April 2021 will be carried out by Larissa Fischer in cooperation with Bettina Paul from the University of Hamburg. The project will trace the development and implementation of partially and fully automated "truth verification procedures" at airports. These screening procedures aim to identify individuals with malicious intent (or mal-intent) based on the measurement of nonverbal, psychophysiological signals. The project aims to identify the conceptualizations and aspirations behind the detection procedures and to reconstruct their socio-technical development processes.