Composites in construction - From resource efficiency to validated sustainability



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Field of research: Sustainability, Composites, Construction

Number of partners: 4

Project duration: 3 years (01/2021-06/2024)

Funding body: MKW NRW

Interdisciplinarity: Civil engineering, economics, sociology


Aim of the Project

In this project, the students deal with a wide range of issues related to the topic of composites. In general, the circular economy is to be researched, introduced and further established in research and the economy. The cooperation of different scientific disciplines, i.e. the interdisciplinary cooperation of scientists on a technological, ecological, social and economic level plays a decisive role.

The research area of sociology deals with the question of what effect spaces have due to their materiality and in connection with a wide variety of actors, as well as considering social megatrends. Network analysis and network scenarios will be the main component of the work.

Research Object and Vision

Composites and composite constructions are combinations or connections of individual materials, which thereby obtain improved properties in the composite. The materials are able to meet a wide range of complex requirements such as cost, design, weight, multifunctionality or durability of a building structure.

The construction sector, including infrastructure and buildings, is a major user of resources and energy and is also responsible for over 50% of the waste generated in Germany. In terms of the change towards a sustainable and resource-conserving circular economy, the construction sector plays a decisive role.

This waste should be reduced as much as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to design building materials in a recycling-friendly way right from the start, to dismantle buildings and structures in a recycling-friendly way or at least to dispose of the unavoidable waste in an environmentally friendly way.

In cooperation with various scientific disciplines, the research college Verbund.NRW II deals with all areas along the value chain of relevant composite materials or constructions:

  • Production and development
  • Construction and processing
  • Use and dismantling
  • Recycling and disposal

Project Partners and Funding

The Research Training Group will be funded for three and a half years until mid-2024 as part of the research strategy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.