Alexandra Hofmänner


Prof. Dr.

Alexandra Hofmänner

Technology and Diversity Teaching and Research Area

Visiting Professor


Gebäude: 1830
Raum: 202
Eilfschornsteinstr. 7
52062 Aachen



Phone: 0241 80 94817

Consultation Hour

Thursdays 12-2 pm, or upon request.
Appointments by e-mail.

Visiting professor at the Institute of Sociology, RWTH Aachen (2023-2025).

MA studies in natural sciences at ETH Zürich, doctorate at ETH Zürich, habilitation in Science & Technology Studies at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel.

Research visits at the Universities of Cape Town (ZA), Cornell (US) and Sussex (UK).


Teaching and Research Interests

  • Science & Technology Studies (STS)
  • Post- and decolonial Science Studies
  • Science Policy


BA 'Preparatory course sociology', RWTHonline

BA 'Sociology in action. Research seminar', RWTHonline

BA 'Lecture: Technology and diversity', RWTHonline

BA seminar ‘Zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Politik: Aktuelle Perspektiven und Ausblicke’, RWTHonline

MA seminar ‘Knowledge and Difference: An Introduction to Post- and Decolonial Science Studies’, RWTHonline



2023: Das Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Staat in der Schweiz. Zur Gestaltungskraft der Rechtssetzung. Schwabe Verlag: Basel/Berlin.

2022: ‚Postscript: Vaccine Crumbs and Science and Technology Studies’, Science, Technology & Society (Sage), 28(1), pp. 83–87. 10.1177/09717218221102502.

2021: The Role of Science in the Swiss Policy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bern: Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (Swiss Academies Reports, 16). 10.5281/zenodo.5584118 (open access).

2021: ‘The Science Policy Script, Revised” (with Elisio Macamo), Minerva, 59, pp. 331–354. 10.1007/s11024-020-09427-0.

2020: Science & Technology Studies Elsewhere: A Postcolonial Programme. Berlin: Schwabe Verlag. 10.24894/978-3-7574-0039-2 (open access).