The GDO: Confronting Novel Issues in Genetic Discrimination

  • Confronting New Issues in Genetic Discrimination

Joly, Yann; Huerne, Katherine; Arych, Mykhailo; Bombard, Yvonne; Dove, Edward; Granados, Palmira; Ho, Chih-Hsing; Van Hoyweghen, Ine; Kim, Hannah; Lebret, Audrey; Minssen, Timo; Ó Cathaoir, Katharina; Prince, Anya; Otlowski, Margaret; Pepper, Michael; Sladek, Robert; Song, Lingqiao; Zawati, Ma'n H.; Dalpé, Gratien (Corresponding author); Voigt, Torsten; Genetic Discrimination Observatory (GDO) (Collaboration author)

Rochester, NY : Social Science Electronic Publ. (2021)
Preprint (ResearchPaper)


  • Technology and Diversity Teaching and Research Area [761520]