Thema Ansprechperson
Managing Director of the Institute of Sociology Prof. Dr. Thomas Grund

Deparmental Advising Bachelor
(Bachelor's in Sociology; Bachelor's in Social Sience)

Matthias Dorgeist
Deparmental Advising Master's in Sociology

Dr. Lena M. Verneuer


Christa Siebes

Gabriele Jenske

Monika Böhnen


Christa Siebes

Gabriele Jenske

Monika Böhnen

Placement Tests and Accreditation Master Soziologie Dr. Lena M. Verneuer
Internship Officer Bachelor Sascha Tuchardt

Certificates (ordnungsgemäßes Studium)

Please submit documents to the respective office!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Grund

Prof. Dr. Roger Häußling

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kron

Prof. Dr. Torsten Voigt

Erasmus Program Dr. Phil. Andrea Wolffram