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The internship module in the program Sociology With A Focus on Technology Studies B. A. is intended to give you the opportunity to become acquainted with fields of work for sociologists. To this end, you will complete three partial module examinations in two courses and one internship. The courses are divided into a preparatory course and a follow-up course. In the preparation course, you will learn about different career perspectives and familiarize yourself with a possible internship. You will then complete the internship. In the follow-up event, you will reflect on the experiences from the internships and further process and analyze the knowledge gained from them. Both events are always offered in the summer semester.

In order to pass the module subtest Internship, you must submit your internship certificate to the student advisor. This must show the activities as well as the number of hours worked of at least 240 hours. It does not matter how many weeks the internship lasted. In order to be sure that the internship is relevant for sociologists, you should clarify this beforehand with the lecturer of the preparatory course or the student advisor.