Program Structure



Robert Hellpap

Sociology/Social Sciences Advisor


+49 241 80 96229



Sociology is part of the Bachelor's program in Social Sciences

In the first year of your studies, you will gain an overview of all subjects belonging to the program: Catholic Theology, History, Political Science and Sociology. From the second year on, you will gradually lay your focus on a specific subject. The module "Technology and Society", for example, gives you many possibilities to learn about Sociology in all its facets.

Furthermore, the lecture "Methods of Empirical Social Research" gives you first insights into the methodological foundations of Sociology. These foundations are further extended in the lecture knowledge and skills with respect to theoretical, empirical and methodological problems.

With this, you will have laid the groundwork needed to write your sociological Bachelor's thesis at the end of year three.

For further information regarding your individual study plan, please contact the departmental student adviser. The individual lecturers will gladly answer questions regarding their courses.

Should you wish to write a sociological Bachelor's thesis, it is advised to approach prospective supervisors with your ideas early on in year three. Both the student advisor and the employees of the institute will gladly answer questions regarding your thesis.