Bachelor's Thesis in Sociology



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Before such a meeting and the submission of your Bachelor's thesis topic, you should formulate some questions for yourself:

  • Do you have a specific topic in mind? If so, what is it?
  • If you cannot formulate a specific topic yet - which social problem do you find particularly exciting and need to be explained? In short: What are you interested in?
  • Regardless of whether you can already formulate a concrete topic or whether you only have a rough outline of it in mind: What is the sociological aspect of your question? What makes your topic a sociologically relevant problem?
  • Do you already have a specific approach or method for your bachelor thesis in mind: Would you like to work more theoretically or evaluate data (empirically)?
  • If you can already formulate a topic (roughly): Do you already have a certain theoretical basis in mind? If so, which ones?

It's ok if you don't have an answer to each question! In the course of a consultation hour, the respective staff members of the chair at which you would like to submit your work will be happy to help you find a topic.


Please note

In general, we recommend that you do not carry out your own data collection for a Bachelor's thesis, as experience has shown that this would go beyond the time and effort recommended for the thesis.