Einfluss des Praktikums auf die Studienmotivation der Studierenden in den Geisteswissenschaften

Weyrauch, Marianne; Hill, Paul Bernhard (Thesis advisor); Spijkers, Wilhelmus (Thesis advisor)

Aachen (2019)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, 2019


The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the effects of the compulsory internship in Bachelor of Arts study courses. The aspect effect of internship-satisfaction on study motivation was of special interest in the quantitative survey (N=159). In the context of sociological research of higher education, this study is scientifically founded on the findings of psychological motivational and emotional research. The author postulates two theoretical models to explain the determinants on internship-satisfaction and the motivation to study deriving from the internship experience. The results showed that internship-satisfaction is mainly influenced by the quality of mentoring at the internship workplace. Significant effects are also derived from emotional experiences and the fulfillment of the student’s expectancies. The Thesis proves that Study motivation is influenced positively by the internship experience, but other than postulated, internship-satisfaction does not have a significant effect in itself on the student’s motivation to study.