Technology & Diversity


Our program

The technology and diversity program at the Institute of Sociology investigates the manifold interactions between human diversity and technological innovations. It analyses how technology shapes and changes categories of diversity as well as the influence of diversity on the development and use of technological innovations. A specific area of expertise are biotechnological and biomedical advances, particularly genetics, genomics, neuroscience and other related biotechnologies. With regards to diversity, we do not just focus on gender. On the contrary, most of the past, current and planned research projects aim to broaden the scope of what is considered diversity in Germany. We are interested in the full range of diversity, specifically, race and ethnicity, age and aging, sex and gender, religion and disability, etc..

The program addresses questions that go beyond technology and diversity. Its members have expertise in a wide range of social domains including: cultural sociology, medical sociology, research methods, security research, social inequality, social problems/social control, visual sociology, and science and technology studies broadly defined.