Teaching of the Chair of Technology and Organization


Online courses


Our goals as teachers

  1. Excellent and attractive instruction for motivated students
  2. High practical orientation due to excursions and work shadowing at our practice partners, among other things
  3. Insights into current research (the subject matter of our research projects is also used for our practical seminars)
  4. A good mix of mandatory curriculum and individual prioritization/specialization
  5. Guidance regarding career prospects
  6. Final papers with interesting topics and good support, also in cooperation with companies

Are machines capable of social action? How does technology extend the possibilities of organizational control? How are socio-technical arrangements “gendered”? How can societal acceptance of technical innovations be explained? Are online avatars still human or already machines?

Technology shapes social experience and action. This fact, in turn, raises societal demands regarding technical developments. Our chair takes up this complex interplay and offers corresponding courses that can be taken starting at year 3 of the “Gesellschaftswissenschaften” bachelor’s program.


The study program includes a wide range of academic courses in the technology-related focal points of sociological research at RWTH Aachen University, such as

  • Sociology of Technology
  • Futures Studies and Innovation Research
  • Gender and Technology Studies
  • Sociology of Organization

In addition, you will be taught in the two fundamental competence areas of “Sociological Theory Development” and “Methods of Empirical Social Sciences”. On this foundation, you will learn how to measure, in a methodically controlled way, the dynamic interrelation between technology and society and how to theoretically reflect on your findings.


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