Erfolgsfaktoren und ELSI-Aspekte biotextiler Innovation für einen gesellschaftlichen Wandel zur Bioökonomie



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Field of research: Resilience, Sustainability, Energy / Materials

Number of partners: 4

Project duration: 2 years

Funding body: BMBF

Interdisciplinarity: Sociology, economic geography, law, marketing and economics


Aim of the Project

The Transitionlab integrates social science with the goal of direct participation in technological innovation and societal change. In short, Transitionlab's goal is to investigate, create and promote the macro-social biobased transition through knowledge transfer, innovation culture and optimised framework conditions for technical acceptance.

Research Object and Vision

Society's transition to a biobased economy entails fundamental changes in the technical, economic and social environment and requires a broad consensus from science, business, society and politics. The concept of the accompanying research in the innovation space starts here by studying the development, production and circular use of bio-based textiles as well as societal transformation processes towards a bioeconomy and its success factors on multiple working levels (sociological, economic-geographical, legal and economical). TransitionLab aims to advance the hitherto rudimentarily implemented study of socio-economic aspects of the transition to a bioeconomy in the context of collaborative technology-based research.

Project Partners and Funding

Within the project we cooperate with the following institutions and companies:

TransitionLab is part of the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space.
BIOTEXFUTURE is one of four innovation spaces sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The initiative “Innovation spaces Bioeconomy” is part of the "National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030".