MethBox: Method consulting


The Methbox is a central point of contact for methodological advice on empirical research projects in the social sciences. Here, help and support is offered for student papers (term papers and theses), doctoral theses and other scientific research projects. This ranges from basic planning and interpretation of the research design, to the structure of the texts, to help with data analysis in statistical software such as R.

Methbox appointments can be made here, providing a brief description of their project and problems/questions.problems/questions.

About me

I received my PhD in Sociology with a focus on quantitative data analysis and specialized in the study of social networks. Since the beginning of my BA studies in Sociology, I have been very involved in teaching methods and statistics skills. Most recently, I was responsible for teaching statistics and applied statistics at Zeppelin University and advised student research projects in the "Methodenwerkstatt" project.



Robert L. Hellpap

Research Associate


+49 241 80 96229