Doctoral Theses


If you are planning to write a dissertation with empirical and / or methodological and / or methodological focus, you are right here! We would be pleased to help with the definition of topics and the clarification of the content and formal prerequisites of a dissertation project in the field of empirical social research. For an appointment for a first meeting with Prof. Hill, please contact the Teaching and Research Area .

The preparation of a dissertation requires patience and persistance. For this reason, you should answer a few basic questions before the first meeting:

  • What is your precise sociological question, which is on your mind and which you would like to answer during the course of your promotion?
  • What is the theoretical or practical relevance of your question? To which social problem or social, methodological or methodological research gap does your question relate?
  • Do you already have your own access to the topic? What (theoretical) basic assumptions do you have?
  • Are you looking forward to the long, exhausting - often also depleted - time of a dissertation project? If necessary, you may need further tips and help.

For your own content orientation you are welcome to get an overview of current and completed dissertation projects in the field of methods of empirical social research.

For formal and organizational questions concerning a dissertation project, the doctoral student in charge of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the RWTH Aachen, Marianne Weyrauch, is also at your disposal.