Career Prospects


What's next?

Skills in empirical social research enable vocational activities in a wide range of fields of work. Wherever it is necessary to conceive empirical research results and studies, to critically reflect, or to apply methodological principles of survey research, graduates with a specialist focus in the field of methods of empirical social research are very much in demand - regardless of whether they are quantitative, qualitative or approaches, which integrate both perspectives. Overall, the employment prospects for those with a professional background who have a profound knowledge of empirical research methods are very good. Empirical social researchers are often active in the following areas:

  • University survey research or empirical social research at non-university research institutes, as well as institutions for the provision and maintenance of data infrastructure
  • Non-university, commercial market- and opinion research
  • Political consulting, applied social research institutes, political foundations
  • Public administrations, charities
  • Human resources