If you're interested in doing your PhD at our Chair, please send us an email including the following information:

  1. Your university degree
  2. Your financial budget for the time you are doing your PhD
  3. Your concrete topic
  4. Your first ideas on your research design

Finished Dissertations

Andreas Braun: Amok at Educational Establishments (finished 2014)

Eva-Maria Heinke: Topology of Terror (finished 2015)


Current Dissertations

Pascal Berger: Wirtschaft und Religion bei Georg Simmel

Nicole Büschgens: Zur Kontingenz transnationalen Terrors

Christina Laut: Die Realität von Limited Data Systems. Eine systemtheoretische Analyse

Sabrina Otto-Ballmann: Die Evaluation von Internationalisierungsstrategien

Viviana Scafidi: Entscheidung zum Terror

Lars Winter: Sozialität als Differenz (geplant für 2018)