Axel Zweck

Project Coordinator


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Key Project Information

  1. Duration: October 2014 to August 2018
  2. Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  3. Project Management: Roger Häußling, Axel Zweck
  4. Project Participants: University of Hildesheim, Institute for Social and Organizational Education, and Institute for Business Administration and Information Systems

Networking and Future Operientation in the Research of Operational Competence Management in Demographic Change

What new challenges and requirements for the management of operational competence arise from demographic change in Germany? It is necessary to develop and test innovative procedures, instruments and concepts that can address this problem in a way that is suitable for everyday use. These are identified in approximately 30 collaborative projects funded by the BMBF in the "Operational Competence Management in Demographic Change" programme, consisting of partners from research and industry.

The scope of these new challenges for science and business practice also requires new, interdisciplinary approaches to accompanying scientific research. In this project, cross-references in the research and development projects as well as focal points of work and approaches to solutions are bundled, networked and analysed. For this purpose, in the joint project InDeKo. Navi in cooperation with the Institute for Social and Organizational Education as well as the Institute for Business Administration and Business Informatics at the University of Hildesheim, discourse, network and trend analyses are carried out in order to identify and promote networking options as well as innovation potential.

The results will include Internet-based research and knowledge maps that make knowledge available to the general public. In addition to accompanying research, the Aachen subproject is dedicated to identifying relevant future perspectives in the area of competence research and to qualitative and quantitative network analysis of the actors in the field.

Interested in further information? Kirsten Rüssmann, Michael Eggert, Sally Forstmann, Roger Häußling, Axel Zweck