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Don´t do it yourself – Do it together

Workshop and lecture on art-science-communication of applied material cycles of artistic practice at Haus der Materialisierung, Berlin.

Don't do it yourself - Do it together

How can the big questions of climate change be addressed artistically? How can material cycles be generated on a small scale that are scalable for larger contexts? What role does art play in science here? These big and important questions in the context of sustainability are at the heart of the event. The MITKUNSTZENTRALE team from Berlin, led by Nora Wilhelm, Erik Göngrich and Valeria Fahrenkrog, will share their experiences and answers with all interested parties on January 31, 2024 at the OecherLab.

A multi-sensory workshop offers an introduction to art and science communication on bio-based materials in the context of sustainability. It will allow visitors to explore the properties of mycelial composites using elements of 'drawing'.

MULE (Mobile Upcycling Lab Experience) will also be on site. As a mobile living lab, it offers plenty of space for experimentation and research, for example with new bio-based materials in the city of Aachen. MULE will showcase student projects on the sustainable use of textiles, provide information on new research results from the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space and open up a discussion space for ideas, associations and problems that can arise when dealing with (bio-based) materials.

Participation is free of charge, registrations for the open event can be sent to the following address:

Time: 31.01.2024, 16:30 - 18:45 Uhr
Place: Kapuzinerkarree 19D in 52062 Aachen

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