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Sociology of Technology and Organization

Welcome to Sociology of Technology and Organization at RWTH Aachen University

The sociology of technology deals with different socio-scientific approaches concerning technology, which focus on the interdependency between technology and society. But this interplay is often mediated by organization: almost any technical product we use is generated in contexts of organized work and furthermore no organization can afford to ignore the many technological developments occuring in today’s society in an ever accelerating mode.

But there is more to it than that. Organizations are social systems that typically develop, deploy, and cultivate action techniques (routines, programs, automated activities etc.). That is, „technology“ does not only refer to certain (material) devices but to any coupling of heterogeneous elements that leads to reliable, repeatable, and expectable action and communication. In the end it is this peculiar feature that makes a combination of the sociologies of technology and organization so appealing—a combination that might give way to many fresh research perspectives.


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