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Methods of empirical social research


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- Methods of empirical social research -


Sociology is an empirically based science, i.e. theories and hypothesis developed by it, have to be proven by reality. This implies that theoretical work in socical sciences is always followed by empirical research. Main request of our Chair is to transfer empirical knowledge and fundamental research methodologies to our students.

Aim of our lectures and courses is to impart the key techniques of empirical social research and its foundation, the philosophy of science. Our course catalogue conveys the methodologies which are absolutely neccessary to understand and evaluate research findings. Furthermore they enable students to plan, implement, analyse and intepret scientific research projects autonomously. Either quantitative as well as qualitative research strategies have been taken into account in our courses and lectures.

Studying sociology with focus on the methodology of (social) science and data analysis aims to convey specific scientific skills and abilities to our students, that abet them to enter into a career as a social scientist, even in a generally rather difficult labour market situation. Qualified and skilled knowledge about data acquisition and data analysis are demanded intensively - not only in case of university research, but also in general academic labour market.

In Addition to the already named main focus of our chair, other important subjects in research and apprenticeship are lying within the sociology of family and minority. These topics are manifested in both, our research projects as well as in our lectueres and coures.