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thesis (work-in-progress)

Weihrauch, Anna: Control-projects of secret identities – a network analytical approach to sexual infidelity [working-titel of PhD-project]

Prietl, Bianca: Gender constructions in technology along the distinction between ‘the technical’ and ‘the social’. An empirical example of the Austrian renewable energy-sector [working-titel of PhD-project]

currently running research projects

Paulitz, Tanja: Between laboratory and experimental system: innovation, techno and media labs as (in)material knowledge-orders of ‘the new’ [original title: Zwischen Labor und Experimentalsystem: Innovation-, Techno- & Media-Labs als (Im-)Materielle Wissens-Ordnungen des Neuen](in application at federal ministry of education and research; in cooperation with Susanne Maria Weber and Angela Krewani).

Hey, Barbara; Kink, Susanne; Paulitz, Tanja; Prietl, Bianca, eds., Academic cultures of knowledge and social practice. Gender studies to natural sciences, engineering and the humanities in comparison [original title: Akademische Wissenskulturen und soziale Praxis. Geschlechterforschung zu natur-, technik- und geisteswissenschaftlichen Fächern im Vergleich]. Publication within the series of the section women’s and gender studies in the German sociological association, issue 42, 2015 (publication project in progress).

Paulitz, Tanja; Carstensen Tanja, eds., Presentations of the self 2.0. On the digital constitution of public subjects [original title: Präsentation des Selbst 2.0. Zur digitalen Konstitution öffentlicher Subjekte]. Special issue of Austrian Journal of Sociology [ÖZS], 2013 (in print).

completed research projects

Paulitz, Tanja: Work-Life-Balance at the University of Graz. Qualitative part. (strategic project of rectorate; overall project leader: coordination centre for women’s studies, gender research and equal opportunities for women).

Paulitz, Tanja: Gendering of Boundary Work in Engineering. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (nr. P22034). Run-time: 02/2010 - 03/2013.

short project description

Paulitz, Tanja: Gendering of Boundary Work in the Natural Sciences. An Example of NAWI Graz. Funded by NAWI Graz and Federal Government of Styria. Run-tim: 02/2011 – 07/2012.

short project description